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I know you sell granite, marble, and quartz but why don’t you sell solid surface, Corian, or concrete surfaces?

First, solid surface and Corian products are nothing more than expensive plastic. They are susceptible to scratching, dry rotting, and discoloring from high heat. Most of the problems with these products cannot be fixed by the homeowner. Second, concrete countertops are only as good as the person installing the countertop. Note: in most cases these products are more expensive than natural stones.

Why do you charge for cutouts?

Cutouts are labor intensive. An under-mount sink cutout, for example, includes cutting pockets in the bottom of the granite and installing anchors for the brackets that support the sink. Also, the sink template is cut out by hand, ground to shape, and then polished. Cook-top cutouts are less labor intensive and therefore cheaper in price.

What about seams?

Seams are necessary for two reasons. Either the slab is to short for the size needed or a seam is required in order to safely install it without breaking the piece. It should be noted that seams are not invisible. We take the greatest care in making it least noticeable as possible. Also, we biscuit cut both sides of each piece in order to get a solid joint. This is why we offer a lifetime warranty against seam breakage on our seams.

My friend had granite installed and their dishwasher tilted after the installation because it wasn’t connected to anything. What do you do for dishwashers?

We cut pockets into the bottom of the granite and insert wood blocks to give an area for the dishwasher brackets to screw into. On extremely rare occasions, we have installed a metal bracket with multiple taped holes to fit the customers needs. Note: most newer model dishwashers are capable of side mounting directly into the cabinetry.

I noticed that the overhang of my friends granite is coarse like sandpaper. Will mine be like that?

No, we polish the bottom of the overhang so that is smooth. Note: bottom of granite will not have the same polish as the top.

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