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  • Pamella Campos

Tile Backsplashes or Complete Stone Backsplashes?

If you are remodeling or building a house, you will likely have some questions about the backsplash and we are here to help you.

Selecting between cabinets, stones, floors, backsplashes, and different types of hardware can be very stressful. So, lets start with cabinets, and then from cabinets we can go to countertops, countertops to tile, and from tile to upper cabinets! Stay here, don't go anywhere because it will all make sense eventually.

Pictured are Stone, cabinet, and paint color samples.

Pick countertops that match with your cabinets, and pick tile that matches with both.

We always recommend our clients to wait until the countertops are installed to order the tile. This way you can bring samples home and see what it looks like under your own personal lighting.

Complete Stone Backsplashes

Choosing to go with a complete stone backsplash will make your selection process go by much quicker. Remember to let your fabricators know whether or not you'll be going with a full backsplash. They'll need to know before they order the slabs so they can purchase the right amount. It is also important for them to save the right pieces from the slabs for the backsplash.

Don't expect your backsplashes to be installed on the same day your countertops are installed. After they are installed our technician will need to go back to get the proper measurements for your backsplash

Why Stone Backsplashes?

Complete stone backsplashes will give you a nice seamless look with no grout lines. Matching with your countertops is sure to give your space a unique touch of elegance and style! Just remember that stone backsplashes are charged by square footage according to the price of the stone.

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